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Junges Start-Up Finepour launcht natürliche Cocktails für Zuhause.

The start-up Finepour, founded in spring this year, is increasing with natural Cocktails in the German ready-to-drink market. With extraordinary The company's premium recipes and high-quality ingredients Segment. Finepour places a special focus on the choice of spirits that all come from hand-picked local and regional manufacturers.

The finished Cocktails can be ordered via the online shop and only have to be at home chilled and served in a cocktail glass.

Wie alles begann

Finepour was founded out of the idea that the problem of more bad than right
mixed, homemade cocktails:

“We quickly realized that there were many
There are barriers to making quality cocktails at home. Everything from search
following the right recipe via purchasing expensive ingredients and equipment, using them
The right preparation technique can lead to unsatisfactory end results
Cocktail lovers can be quite frustrating. " Finepour’s mission: high quality,
making natural cocktails available to everyone.

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Even if the company is only a few months old, founder Martin Fort brings a lot
Industry experience with. For over a decade he worked in various bars
all of Europe and thereby became an expert in his field: of high-end restaurants
He learned about craft cocktail bars and multiple award-winning “casual concepts”
the craft of cocktail art and developed a real passion for cocktails.

Over the years, however, Martin learned not only the sunny sides, but also those
Know the dark side of this industry. Even in renowned cocktail bars there are many
used artificial additives and adorned the drinks with unnecessary decorations
later mostly ends up in the trash. Because of this, he decided to create one
Prescribed cocktail brand that reduces the negative impact on the environment and
offers consumers only natural ingredients in cocktails.